Well, you need an SSH connection only to use Site Backup Pro.

How does it work? The application connects to your web site via secured SSH connection and then makes an archive and retrieves it. The archive is being created on the fly, so no temporary files and folders are created, no additional virtual memory is needed. The archive's data immediately is being downloaded by Site Backup Pro software to your disc.

After getting the site's files Site Backup Pro tries to get a dump of databases you have chosen in your configuration. The MySQL or PostgreSQL dump is also being downloaded on the fly (already archived).

If you need formal specification to make your web server compatible with Site Backup Pro, here they are:

  1. Unix (Linux, BSD, etc.) server with configured SSH access.
  2. Available for SSH user a set of standard Unix utilities: ls, cd, pwd, tar, gzip, etc.
  3. If you want to back up your MySQL database, mysqldump utility must be available also.
  4. If you want to back up your PostgreSQL database, psql utility must be available also.

Probably your web server is already compatible with Site Backup Pro if you have not changed its configuration in a very specific way.

To be sure you can check your web hosting provider compatibility with Site Backup Pro in Compatibility chapter.