Sites backup

Sites backup

After configuring your sites, you can make backups in a couple of ways.

  1. From the “Configuration” tab. Select the site you want to back up and click “Backup site” in its  popup menu. If you want to back up all sites, click “Backup all” in the popup menu that opens when you click anywhere outside site items. You will be redirected to the “Run” tab, and the backup process will start.
  2. From the “Run” tab. Select a site item or the “All” item, and click “Start.”
  3. On schedule (see the respective chapter in the documentation).
Note: If you selected the “back up all sites” option, only the enabled sites (whose On/Off switch is set “On”) will be backed up.

Then Site Backup Pro will connect to each site’s server and make backups to your workspace. You can see the summary process log in the console on the “Run” tab. Separate logs for sites are saved in separate folders (the same ones where backups are placed), and you can view them later.

If a fatal backup error occurs or if you click the “Cancel” button, the backup process will stop. Otherwise, after the backup is finished, you will be redirected to the “Archive” tab, where you can manage your backups. The latest backups (made on the last script run) are marked in green.

Backing up the web site screenshot