Site Backup Pro is a powerful utility that regularly saves website files and SQL dumps to a local archive. It is compatible both with small sites on inexpensive hosting and with huge systems running on dedicated servers.

Key features

  • Backs up websites to a local PC or to the Cloud
  • Compatible with all platforms, programming languages, and CMSs
  • Supports various databases
  • Flexible settings for retrieving website content
  • Fully secure connection to a website
  • Statistics and reports
  • Scheduled backups

Site Backup Pro is a totally secure solution, which uses an encrypted SSH connection for getting any data from a website. This way, it also avoids any issues with accessing an SQL database from an external computer.


This site backup tool works regardless of what kinds of software (CMS, scripts, programming SDKs, programs, etc.) are installed on your website. It can easily back up them all to its archive and dump their databases. Site Backup Pro already supports such popular databases as MySQL and PostgreSQL, and we are planning to add more. 

Comfort and safely 

Configure scheduled backups, then just sit back and let Site Backup Pro do its job. All of your websites will be backed up regularly. Site Backup Pro will provide backup statistics and reports too.