Backups archive

Backups archive

The backups archive is located on the “Archive” tab, which is very simple: a table with backups, a by-site filter (above), and a list of commands related to the archive.

Archive of the backed up web sites screenshot

The table shows a date, site, size, and comment for each backup. The comment field is editable. The archive list and comments are automatically saved to an XML file in the workspace. (To save them manually, select “Configuration → Save” in the menu.)

The latest backups in the table are marked in green. The backups with any errors are marked in red. You can select any backups and apply actions, such as open a backup folder or delete backup files. The “Backup Information” item displays complete data of the selected backup, including the log.

To clean the workspace of all files of failed backups, select “Archive → Delete failed” in the menu. All files, logs, and records of failed backups will be deleted from the archive.