Effective backing up your web sites

  • - Simple configuration
  • - Secured SSH data transfers
  • - MySQL / PostgreSQL support
  • - Managed catalog of backups
Download    Freefor non-commercial use
Only SSH connection is required

Site Backup Pro

Site Backup Pro is a powerful solution for backing up multiple websites or web services including all their files and MySQL/PostgreSQL databases.

If you are a website owner, web developer, or web studio, our product may be very helpful for you. Site Backup Pro will let you store all your website files and database dumps locally. All you need to do is specify the access credentials for your hosting, file directories, and database options.

Site Backup Pro can work with practically any website. It doesn’t matter what type of site you have: with static pages, CMS based, or created in some framework (such as Ruby On Rails). Our product only needs SSH access to your server, that’s all! No FTP or external DB link is required. After connecting to the server, Site Backup Pro will copy files and get a database dump over the SSH connection.

Site Backup Pro is a cross-platform application. You can run it on Windows XP (or later), Linux, or FreeBSD with graphical desktop.

Key features


One of the main features of Site Backup Pro is enhanced security: It works only via an encrypted channel using the SSH protocol. FTP or other protocols are not allowed: They are not easier to use, and may have security issues too. To ensure top security, Site Backup Pro uses an SSH connection both for copying files and for getting database dumps.


Another key feature is the ability to back up any website or web service, regardless of what CMS or framework it is based on. Site Backup Pro supports such popular databases as MySQL and PostgreSQL (we are planning to add support for other databases too). Files will


Backing up websites to a local drive is a standard action, which needs to be automated. Files can be copied and stored on your computer’s hard drive.
All files are stored as an archive, indexed and accessible via Site Backup Pro at any time.
Now you can have full control over the durability of your backups!


Easy yet powerful configuration options let you configure the access to your servers and websites in a flexible manner. For example, you can switch to another hosting provider, and then easily update the access data at one time for all websites moved to a new hosting.

You can find features explanations on our Documentation page.

Version history

v. 2.2: Backing up speed bug fixed!
v. 2.1: Free non-commercial license is available.
v. 2.0.1: Some new usablility features.
v. 2.0: Stability increase.

Quality assurance

 Checked on top web hostings
 Checked on 100Gb+ web sites

Check your web site!


We proudly announce our new software product, Site Backup Pro, which is intended to solve typical backup issues.

Site Backup Pro will automate your actions of saving website files and database dumps to your computer or to the Cloud.

The web service will be available later.